Classes We Offer

We are proud to offer three levels of dance to best suit your needs; recreational, pre-competitive, and competitive.

Dancer with Hoop


A combination of dance and gymnastics. Dancers will learn how to properly develop acrobatic and gymnastic skills with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.


A style in which the dancing is founded on rules established by tradition and in which emotional content is subordinate to form and line. Prestige Dance Company teaches the world-renowned Cecchetti Method to improve, poise, grace and balance.

Girls Lacing Up Their Shoes
Hip Hop Choreography

Hip Hop

This is a high-energized class motivating dancers to move in a fun-filled environment to the latest music, while strengthening their physical fitness in a non-technical dance form. Fun! Fun! Fun!


A class to improve technique, strength, and flexibility while learning a diverse style of movement. This is one of the original fore fathers of dance, from Fosse to our current style of contemporary Jazz.

Swing Dancers
Modern Ballet Dancer


This form of dance is a combination of Ballet and Jazz executing strength, control and emphasis placed on technique, while embracing the feelings and emotions of the lyrics.

Musical Theatre

A class where dancers are motivated by a combination of Dance and Theatre. Dancers learn to express themselves through music, dance and characterization.

Dancer Actors perform on the theater sta
Image by Nihal Demirci


An advanced level of ballet when dancers practice their strength and grace in a hard-toed shoe.


A class to improve strength, flexibility and conditioning.

Dancer in Studio
Close Up of Tap Shoes


A class where dancers learn musicality, rhythm, speed, and precision to all forms of music or Acapella.

Baby Ballerinas & Twinkle Toes

This class is the introduction of dance. It begins at the tender age of 2.5 years. It teaches the basic steps of dance with a ballet base, to various types of children's music. It develops the child's motor skills, to work in groups, but most of all to have fun and begin to learn the wonderful art of dance.

Young Ballet Class
Two Young Ballet Dancers

Combo Cuties

This class offers dancers the chance to train in tap, jazz, and ballet. It gives the younger dancers a chance to get a taste for a variety of styles within one 90 minute class.

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